National Economy Slows Down and Local Economies

I have just seen this from an official paper from the UK Government which backs up what I have said here – According to Para 2.32 it is national economic policy which creates jobs:

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We can do some things to help local economies grow and improve, and we ought to be doing these things. But at the end of the day, the success or otherwise of these local actions are affected by the national economy, and it certainly makes local improvements easier if we have a strong and improving national economy. If I think of the changes which have occurred to some of our cities over the last 15 years I can’t help reflecting how 15 or so years of general, and continuous, economic growth has had a huge positive general effect. So, this has led me to giving some general thoughts on the national situation. Nothing new, but I feel moved to say something anyway.

Last week’s economic growth figures for the UK’s economy suggests that the recovery which began last year has been stopped by actions taken by the Government and George…

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