The Failure of Neoliberal Globalisation and how globalisation could save us.

I am not a fan of Jim O’Neill (the man who ‘invented’ BRIC), for reasons I won’t go into here, but I recommend that you listen to this programme on BBC Radio 4 ‘Fixing Globalisation’ – link here:

In this Jim has his eyes opened to the point that it is Neoliberal Globalisation which is the problem not globalisation itself.

It is Neoliberal Globalisation, focused on benefiting the rentiers and the financial systems which is failing and giving an interconnected world a bad name. The programme highlights that where globalisation is working better for most ‘ordinary’ people it is in countries which have refused to implement the neoliberal model.

In the programme Jim seems to have recently woken up to the issues and problems with Globalisation which I have been talking about for more than 30 years – even before I worked in economic, environmental, social and physical regeneration and sustainable growth.

Anyway, the programme is well worth listening to.

But what has this big picture stuff to do with the Regeneration and Sustainable Growth of cities, towns and places in the UK? Well, it is because it is easier to make a difference locally if we have a better (and sensible) national and world economy within which to work. We need to have not just ‘Places which Work for People’ but a world (and economic system) which works for everyone.

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