What has Hip Hop music to do with urban regeneration?

What has Hip Hop music and gang culture to do with Urban Regeneration and Urban Planning?

On Friday I watched the BBC4 programme ‘Rubble Kings’ which told the story of how gang culture in parts of New York came out of the damage done to inner-cities by top-down urban planning and de-industrialisation, and how eventually gang leaders decided that other gangs were not the problem; and instead of fighting each other they needed to fight ‘the man’ by coming together, and to re-build their areas from the bottom-up instead of taking what the top-down was willing to ‘give’ them. Part of this community rebuilding came from Hip Hop music and the music scene.

I recommend you view it – there isn’t much Hip Hop music in it as the programme is really about regeneration rather than music.

Link is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b07vxmxw/rubble-kings?suggid=b07vxmxw

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