Budget displays a garden settlement prospect

A good run through of planning related aspects of the March 2016 Budget.

However, for Garden Cities and New Towns (and major developments generaly) the uplift in land values needs to be captured fully to pay for the infrastructure of all sorts which is required.

Development Corporations need to be given the powers which the ‘old’ New Town Development Corporations used to have.

Planning Portal Blog

Wednesday’s Budget announcements confirmed the government’s appetite for a new wave of garden settlements with a promise of legislation to make it easier for local authorities to work together to create new garden towns and cities.

Local authorities and businesses covered by the Black Country Local Enterprise Partnership have just unveiled ambitious proposals for a new garden city providing some 45,000 new homes in 30 towns and settlements in and around Wolverhampton, stretching from Aldridge to West Bromwich.

The scheme has the backing of the government and the support of the Homes and Communities Agency. Some 550 brownfield sites across the sub region have been identified. The 1,500-hectare project will require an investment of around £6bn.

Ministers are also keen to provide technical and financial support for areas that want to establish garden villages and market towns of between 1,500 and 10,000 homes. The prospect of “planning and financial flexibilities”…

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