Deptford tower plan sees increase in flats

Are South East London’s railways up to coping with the new developments planned and already built, and is anyone taking a strategic view.

Other good points in this blog which is worth a read.


Greenwich Creekside East

Thanks to Daryl at 853 for alerting me to a planning application before the Greenwich planning board tonight for 249 flats by the Creek in Deptford – an increase of 45 from earlier plans. I havn’t had time to read all the documents, so this post covers some select elements, and the Deptford Dame site has written a fantastic overview here.

The 22-storey tower appears rather bulky and lacking much in the way of elegance. From some angles it appears pretty overwhelming. The developers are certainly trying to maximise massing of the tower with this one. The colour scheme will be interesting – I think this is one that will look better close-up, as the green sections appear to be glazed tiling.

Lewisham council side plan in background - more on that below Lewisham council side plan in background – more on that below

Here’s a quick round up of some details I noticed when browsing the plans. Firstly, the developer is Essential Living

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