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Are road charging and tolling things of the past?

At a recent ‘Transport Debate’ Labour, Conservative, and Liberal Democrat transport spokespeople seemed to agree that traffic congestion can be tackled by using traffic and freight management technology, without resorting to systems of road user charging which many people, including … Continue reading

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Reclaiming the “Smart” agenda for fair human outcomes enabled by technology

A full and very interesting blog by Dr Rick Robinson about ‘Smart Cities’, pointing out the vital points which I have been going on about for some time:   technology is not ‘Smart’ unless it’s used to create human value, and … Continue reading

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Are roads being tolled to benefit the technology suppliers and operators rather than the users?

I have just read a report by one of the large transport and planning consultants which looked into why drivers use ‘managed lanes’ on Motorways (that is where variable tolls are charged according to the time of day in order … Continue reading

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The Law Of The Forest And The Freedom Of The Streets

Originally posted on The New English Landscape:
This was the order of human institutions: first the forests, after that the huts, then the villages, next the cities, and finally the academies.  Giambattista Vico, The New Science ‘What the fuck do…

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Housing and Local Development Orders

The Government is proposing that each Local Planning Authority must identify previously unallocated brownfield sites which are suitable for housing development, and that each must put in place Local Development Orders for 90% of these sites by 2020, with 50% … Continue reading

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Abandoned by Tesco? Then set up a market to save your Town Centre

A few days ago, on BBC Radio 4, I heard a piece about Gordon Brown (yes that Gordon Brown), leading a hands on campaign to keep Tesco in the centre of Kirkaldy. Leading from the front, he persuaded the owner … Continue reading

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