Garden Cities, Eco-Towns and Sustainable Communities

So, another Eco-Town, or Sustainable Communities Growth Area, has been re-badged as a Garden City, with funds from central Government to deliver infrastructure 4 years after the coalitian Government withdrew funding from Eco-Towns and Sustainable Communities as one of its first moves on gaining power.

This amounts to 4 wasted years. 4 years when the investment would have been well used, and useful in mitigating the effects of the Great Recession. If these funds had not been withdrawn 4 years ago the required infrastructure would be in place by now and the deficit not as great as it nowis is because we would have had people working and businesses investing. This cutting off and delay in funding has cost the country more in the long run (and not that long) in so many ways.

On top of this, the stipulations mentioned in today’s announcement about green-space and sustainable transport etc are all things which Eco-towns and Sustainable Communities Growth areas had in their plans anyway- well at least the ones I have been involved with did.

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4 Responses to Garden Cities, Eco-Towns and Sustainable Communities

  1. David Cannon says:

    What about using brown-field sites instead? I live in Southwark; a borough in ‘over-crowded’ inner London in our ‘over-crowded’ island. Nevertheless, I could show you lots of derelict sites. Why pander to develepors (and purchasers) obsession with green-field sites???

  2. stevenboxall says:

    Hello Dave,

    Yes, we need to develop derelict sites in our towns and cities, but the housing shortage is such that we are also going to need to build on some green-field sites. The important thing (well one of the important things anyway), is to build the right things in the right locations: homes built in wrong places, where there are no jobs or facilities, or easy assess to these, are the wrong things to build – ‘we’ should already know this from previous mistakes where estates were built away from the jobs and then the residents couldn’t afford to get to jobs and town centre facilities.

    Also, I don’t think we should build on every iner-city or town centre site – we also need open spaces and good quaity public realm. It is balance which is important but Government seems to see open space as wasted space, and the system makes it difficult to fund and provide it..

    • David Cannon says:

      Dear Steve,

      I’m quite prepared to consider green-field sites once brown-field sites have been used but Thames Gateway still has loads of scope…

      Also, Southwark has lots of excellent green ‘public realm’ but fenced off dereliction doesn’t help anyone…

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