SuDs or not SuDs in Lewisham

A little while back I posted a blog which talked about the River Quaggy in Lewisham being removed from its culvert and returned to a more natural river:

It looks like I may have been wrong – the work currently going on there appears to show a continuation of the river in a culvert approach:

River Quaggy Lewisham

Next to where I took this photograph from is an old information board which includes a graphic of what a more natural approach to managing the river could look like:

Quaggy Info Board

So, I am currently uncertain what is happening here at Lewisham.

It will more than a bit dissapointing if all we will be getting here is another tall building rather than more sort of green space for the people of the many new buildings near by to use.

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One Response to SuDs or not SuDs in Lewisham

  1. Dave says:

    Make room for nature in the heart of Lewisham; bring the Quaggy back to LIFE!

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