Kites, Regeneration and Growth

Last weekend I was in the Bridport area, and on Sunday we went to the Kite Festival on Eggardon Hill.
Bridport Kite Festival

Kites 2
But what have kites got to do with Regeneration and Growth?

Well, the Kite festival was organised by a community group of volunteers, and attracted a large number of visitors and participants, with a few SMEs selling food and refeshments.

And to me anything which gets people together, having a good time, in a ‘public’ place, is part of Regeneration and Growth.

When regenerating and growing places, and in growing economies, use what ever assets you have. If you have a hill – use it !

Also, whilst in Bridport, I came across a group which is setting up a Community Owned Enterprise which us trying to be able to develop a large potential development site in a balanced way which contributes to the mix and vibrancy of the town rather than offers a standard, drab, mono-culture, developer led approach. It is going to be interesting how this develops and progresses.

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One Response to Kites, Regeneration and Growth

  1. David Cannon says:

    Pleased to see Eggardon continues to reverberate! Visit for more information on theBridport Community Owned Enterprise mentioned.

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