Erith Riverside Gardens – Community Fun Day

I have written before about Riverside Gardens, Erith, and how I helped the local community save it from being built on by turning their emotional objections into Planning ones, the strength of which made the Local Authority change their minds.

Despite this the local community don’t believe that this is the end of the matter so are determied to use the gardens as much as possible and, as part of this effort, held another community festival on the gardens. I thought I would post a few photographs.

Fun Day 1

Fun Day 2

Fun Day3

We had about 40 stalls, a display arena and had the official unveiling of The Alexander Selkirk Signpost (Erith is where he landed in England after being rescued from his island). It was a good day, with fine weather and lots of families enjoying themselves. The Port of London Authority also attended making children aware of the dangers of Thames mud at low tide.

This was all set up and run by volunteers, and with very little money. 

Local businesses and groups helped out with sponsorship and we had support from The Rotary Club of Erith, The Erith Group, NatWest, Batt Cables, The Aleff Group, Erith Riverside Shopping Centre, and Erith Town Forum.

The gardens are in the heart of Erith’s Western Gateway ‘regeneration’ area and we are determined  that they get improved as an integral part of these developments rather than built on, and that any developments nearby are of high quality with integrated public realm and open space.




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