Waste to Energy

My world of Urban Regeneration and Sustainable Growth consultancy is very varied, ranging from big picture policy and strategy to very detailed, hands on delivery and implementation. One aspect of this is economic and environmental sustainability, getting policy makers, businesses and communities to think about their energy use and waste streams.

To deliver this I am working with Kent based company Metamo who design, deliver and operate plant which turns waste into energy; and last week I spent a few days in Birmingham, helping out on their stand at the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Expo at the NEC.

Metamo Stand

It was good to talk face-to-face with some interesting people and businesses who have wide-ranging (and sometimes strange) types of waste streams which we can turn into energy via Anaerobic Digestion on their sites. They can save money by not having to dispose to landfill and by generating their own energy (electricity, hot water, heat and even cooling). Finally, by selling any surplus energy they can even make money.

Just as importantly from a regeneration and sustainability point of view they are reducing their environmental impact and beginning to particulate in the Circular Economy.

Metamo Process Technology Limited is based in Kent, and uses years of engineering and practical experience built up in the energy-from-waste industry in Germany to help UK companies to turn their waste into wealth. http://www.metamo.org/

If you like the sound of this contact me and I will put you in touch.

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