Woolwich Regeneration Wanderings

I was in Woolwich, south-east London, yesterday so thought I would put a few thoughts and observations down.

The recently regenerated General Gordon Square is working for the people of Woolwich, being busy on a nice sunny day

Gen Gordon Sq

It’s good to see Hydrangas planted en masse at last – looking good:


And it’s not just small boys who like to get their feet wet on a hot day:

Wet Feet

However, there is still lots more to do in Woolwich.

This is a nice looking building with real potential to help in place making – but it looks empty and unloved, even though it is actually open. Come on put some effort in:

Corner Pub

Woolwich Public Market (known as The Covered Market to the locals) needs some loving attention.

Covered Market Ext

Does this look enticeing? Are you drawn in?:

Covered Market Entrance

Obviously not just me who thought twice about going in:

Covered Market Inside

Come on – it’s an interesting space, with an interesting structure which should be buzzing as it’s right opposite the new Cross Rail Station.

Covered Market Roof

I understand that the local authority would prefer to see this demolished and redeveloped to the same scale as what’s above the Cross Rail station-box,

Cross Rail Station Box

but let’s see something better happening on at least a temporary basis. I have plenty of ideas and contacts but need the cooperation of the owners. Also, why do we have to have high towers on both sides of the main road – how about a bit of variation and granularity? What about a real bit of Place-Making?

Finally, Woolwich is now a poor area but in this part of South East London it used to be the place to go to for your posh shopping. The town centre (and the rest of the town) has some wonderful buildings.

Modern Shop

Before this one was a bank it used to be a top-notch furniture shop. I remember going there with my Mum to buy a new Ercol dining table and set of chairs – I have these in my house now over 40 years on.




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One Response to Woolwich Regeneration Wanderings

  1. I love that building – I hope it’s listed!

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