Pop-Up and Pocket Parks

I have mentoned Pocket Parks and Pop-Up parks before.

This one is both a Pocket-Park (that is, it is small), and a Pop-Up Park (being temporary).

Pop Up Garden Bedford Square 2014

We ought to be doing more of this in our towns and cities as part of our Place-Making and Tactical Urbanism – and it is not that expensive.


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2 Responses to Pop-Up and Pocket Parks

  1. For more examples of pocket parks have a look at the work of Team London Bridge in the Bermondsey area.

  2. stevenboxall says:

    Thanks Malcolm, I am passing through London Bridge Station all the time – so must make an effort of having a proper walk around the area which I haven’t done for a little while (apart from walking along Tooley Street recently on my way to Rotherhithe).

    Good to see Bermondsey continueing its ‘greening’ tradition. At one time Bermondsey Council had a Beautification Committee and ran a tree nursery (in Kent, I think) to supply the trees which were then planted on Bermondsey’s Street.

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