Development of Jobs and Development of Place Go Together

I have just read a very interesting interview given by Michael Coleman, the Mayor of the City of Columbus, Ohio, USA.

There is a lot in here which we in the UK can learn from and be inspired by – remembering, of course, that he is talking in a USA context so we can’t just copy (each place is different, so we shouldn’t even just copy in one UK place what we have seen in another UK place anyway – be inspired but don’t copy).

Naturally, the reason I am posting the link to the interview is because I agree with a lot of it, but I want here to point to just two quotes which I think are vital:


Its not enough to be just pro-business:

“They (the state legislature) are pro-business, but when you are not pro anything else it frankly impacts the business development in a state – we’re very pro a lot of things in this city…….You can’t be pro-business and not pro anything else”


Business Development and Development of Place must proceed in tandem:

Later he goes on to say “Development of jobs and development of place must go together”.


Obvious stuff you may say, but it is becoming clear to me that still too many professionals, developers, regenerators, town planners, consultants and civic leaders don’t actually understand this. We still have a long way to go.

You can find the full interview here:

which I got via @Urbanphile


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