Euston Regeneration and HS2

The area around Euston Station does need some improvemenrt, and there is room for ‘Regeneration’, in places:


But we must remember  that the surrounding area isn’t empty or derelict, and that it is full of many people trying to make a life for themselves, living and working in mixed communities:




Sure, some places may need improvement, and it is more than likely that we need to up-skill some of the people who live in the area (and provide the sort of jobs which they can do).


But there is no need for the wholescale and widespread re-development which the Government and international property companies are talking about.

Why do we need a major new shopping centre at Euston Station when there is already a functioning High Street within a mile:


Yes, it might need a bit of smartening up – but it is there to serve the mixed community within its hinterland, not internatonal big-business.  Do we really want to swap this:


for a large, nation wide, chain of bakers?

Large scale development will sweep away fine grain such as this:



I will write more about Euston and HS2 a bit later, but perhaps this is what we need before it is too late:



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