Developer planting and public art

Just thought I would show this example of developer funded, and designed, planting in a ‘public’ place:


This style is pretty standard and wide spread now, based on a template which must be at least a decade old. Althought I am getting a little bored with this style now, if ‘we’ do have to have a template for planting it is much better than the previous Local Authority template of shrubs which collect rubbish and plastic bags.

I also came across this piece of new planting on a development at the weekend:


I quite like this idea and will have to revisit in a year or two to see how it matures.

I usually dislike the public art which developers put in place – it is usually banal: especially those featuring figures. But this one did make me stop and look – and find out that it commemorates Peter the Great’s visit to Deptford:


I am not saying it is brilliant – but it is much better than many I have seen (such as Bexleyheath Shopping Centre, and Cannon Street Station).

Let me know what is your favourite (and worse) examples of public art and public planting (or just examples if you haven’t actually got favourites).

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