Fly Posting – Is this the way to recruit carers?

I have seen a number of these signs in my local high street:


Does this give you faith in the way we are running our social services?

Some may ask ‘what has this to do with urban regeneration and sustainable growth?’, and thus a subject for this blog.

As regeneration and sustainable growth is all about people I say it is very much part of what we need to be considering as part of the integrated and holisitic world of regeneration and growth – both in terms of careing and quality of employment.

What does this poster say to you about how we are treating the vulnerable members of our society (and are treating those who we expect to do the careing)?  Does it make you feel comfortable?

I have also heard that some firms which have won social service contracts are trying to recruit mums at the school gate, offering cash-in-hand, no-questions asked, “so it won’t effect your income-support benefits”, jobs.


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