Town Centre Blight is back from the 1960s, and is just rudeness.

One of the UK’s big supermarket chains has left this street in a town in Kent in a state of blight for at least 10 years whilst it decides when and how to build a new supermarket.





Putting up some large notices thanking people for their patience looks like taking-the-piss to me, and seems to merely emphasize how little they seem to care about the effect their re-development (I will not call it regeneration) has had on the people of this town. At the very least it is rude and discourteous, and it is a shame that the local authority has let them get away with this blight for so long. If a gang of youths were causing this distress they would be on an anti-social behavior charge – surely blight is just as anti-social?

I also thought we had learnt many years ago (from the 1950s and 1960s) about the dangers and unacceptability of blight as part of the re-development process. It seems not.

I can’t wait to see how they finally deliver their development: will we get an active frontage on this street, or will it be half-a-mile of blank wall?

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One Response to Town Centre Blight is back from the 1960s, and is just rudeness.

  1. “Taking the piss” is an apt comment for this kind of behaviour and they should be roundly condemned and widely so. It’s the worst kind of unimaginative land holding, effectively deadening the town centre offer and dumbing down the street scene. At the very least they might have used the empty shops for pop up retail, voluntary and community projects or exhibition space for local artists or displays of town history.

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