Pop-Up Shops – to test ideas: and for more than just retail

One of my local town centres has been awarded tax payers’ money to regenerate its High Street but I think it has struggled with the concept of ‘Pop-Up’ shops. It took ‘shop’ too literally and assumed it had to be a retail business, with a fully thought through business plan.

In my view a business with a fully considered business plan, with evidence of demand etc isn’t likely to need a pop-up shop.

Pop-ups should be about testing ideas and concepts, and not just about retail but about non-traditional activity for shops such as art, artists etc. I don’t want to be too ‘strict’ about what I think should go into pop-ups but I dubious that a fully fledged idea with a fully detailed and researched business plan is a priority candidate, and they certaintly shouldn’t be the only candidates to be offered subsidised space.

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