Gravesend Car Park – a worthy rival to Preston Bus Station as an architectural icon?

Preston Bus Station has been in the news over the past few months.

Preston City Council has wanted to knock it down, because it needs a lot of money spent on repairs and because some people hate the look of it. However, other people think it is a lovely looking building and have been pressing for it to be saved. This had led to English Heritage declaring it Grade II Listed, and Lancashire County Council recently buying the building from Preston City Council and promising to spend many £ millions in repairing and upgrading it.

Preston Bus Station is a modern architectural icon, and you either love it or you hate it.

I was in Gravsend (Kent) recently and spotted Thamesgate Shopping Centre Car Park (photo’ below).


Not quite up to Preston Bus Station standards. But as Car Parks go, I quite like the look of it and in the 1970s when it was built someone made a real effort on what it looked like (but I have no idea what it is like inside, or to use).

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