Housing Supply – An Entrepreneurial Government is Required


On a day in which the UK’s house prices and house building supply has been in the news, I am reminded of an announcement earlier in the year on the NHS doing a deal on surplus land with the Mayor of London.

At the time I said that once again we have the unimaginative approach from Government and its employees.

Instead of handing over (or selling) these big sites to big developers we ought to implement an entrepreneurial approach from Government where it obtains the planning consent, puts in the infrastructure and then sub-divides the sites into smaller development plots and then lets self-builders and small builders/developers undertake the construction.

But no, the ‘easy’ approach is taken which will end up being as successful as the Pathfinders Programme. The UK needs more small and medium sized developers, but Government gives the business to the usual suspects who know how to get on a public sector Framework. The current approach from Government will not address one of the structural reasons for why we have so few new homes being built. This isn’t the only issue which needs addressing but it is one of the things which can be done.

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