Deptford, its anchor and regeneration


In the name of urban regeneration the ship’s anchor which was at the bottom of Deptford High Street was removed by the ‘regenerators’ but this act seems to have become a focus for a people’s resistance movement.


Some locals feel that Deptford’s place in maritime history is being ignored – it was the site of Henry VIII’s Royal Dockyard and continued over 400 years to be central to the Royal Navy’s and Britain’s maritime history; but some locals feel that this history is being largely ignored in proposals to redevelop the site (Convoy’s Wharf) for over 3500 homes – some in residential towers up to 48 storeys.



Removing the anchor is seen as symptomatic to this neglect of local feelings and views, and this weekend was a focal point for a protest procession, with a cardboard anchor, from Deptford (outside of the Dog and Bell pub in Princes Street SE8), via Deptford Market to Lewisham Arthouse. The message was clear: ‘Give us back our bloomin’ anchor’.



And whilst you’re at it, how about the Convoy’s Wharf site being Regenerated for locals and Londoners (including space and support for the ‘Built the Lenox’ project ) instead of seemingly being developed largely for international investors?



I have enclosed a photo of the cardboard anchor outside Lewisham Arthouse at the end of the protest procession and a link for further information.





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One Response to Deptford, its anchor and regeneration

  1. Hi Steven, Something very similar happened in Newport this week in the name of Regeneration. A fantastic mural depicting the Chartist Riots was demolished by the City Council to make way for a new shopping development. A petition with-over 3,000 signatures was presented to the Council to save the mural and an attempt was made to Cadw to have it listed. The proposed Friars Walk retail scheme has been promoted by the Council for the last 5 years as the City’s saviour – but few residents of the City agree with this view – Regards, Alan Brown

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