Pop-Up Beach Hut Shops on Sea-side Pier

Here is a nice example of Seaside Regeneration and Pier restoration.

At Herne Bay, Kent, the Pier Trust has set up a set of Beach Huts from which good quality products can be sold.

My photographs don’t really do it justice, but the Beach Huts which act as shops are good quality and nicely decorated and the goods being sold from them are of high quality.  Lots of hand made ‘one-offs’ as well as nice food and drinks.



A great idea, which is simple but very effective. It is relatively cheap to implement, and can be expanded as demand increases. If copying this idea there is no need to buy and put up lots of huts without knowing if you have the demand or not.

Pop along to Herne Bay this summer and have a look.

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2 Responses to Pop-Up Beach Hut Shops on Sea-side Pier

  1. Adam Roake says:

    Hello Steven, This is actually a copy of the very successful http://whitstableharbourvillage.co.uk/, which is now in it’s sixth year.

    • stevenboxall says:

      Hello Adam,

      It is a year or two since I have been to Whitstable and I had forgotten about the Beach Hut ‘pop-ups’ at the harbour.

      The quality of the huts and the contents is vital. My local town centre has huts at Christmas but quality is lacking in both aspects.

      I think what captured my imagination at Herne Bay was the fact that it was on a pier – and piers seem to have trouble finding an affordable use and this seems a nice, cheap, incremental approach.

      I must pay a visit to Whitstable again soon.


      Steven Boxall Regeneration and Sustainable Communities Consultant REGENERATION X Making places work for people

      Tel: 020 8301 5570

      12 Pelham Road, Bexleyheath. Kent DA7 4LZ


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