Do most towns and cities just need to be ‘Good-enough’ for most people?

Is it really possible that every city, town, village and place can be unique and have a USP? Many regeneration and growth strategies talk about being unique, and then go to copy what is happening in places which have been ‘successful’, or what happens to be the latest fashion in regeneration. Everywhere is different to a greater or lesser extent but can each small and medium sized town and city be so unique that it persuades the ‘chosen few’ to decide that that is the one and only place (in preference to all others) that they must live, work or visit? Can anywhere, apart for a few large cities, be that unique? Do we need to think about the basics ā€“ what must a place have as a minimum to persuade enough people on average to say ‘that is good enough for me – I will live there, I will work there’? Do we need more ‘good-enough’ places, to a high enough minimum standard to attract the merely average, the un-cool and the un-hip? Do we need to upgrade the standard of the average? – I think we do. In the same way that average people need to have good jobs ā€“ the average across the board needs to be improved. We can’t run a successful economy based only on a perceived elite ā€“ the chosen few.

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