Has London got too Big?

According to the OECD, the relationship between income and population size becomes negative at around 6-7 million people suggesting dis-economies of agglomeration due to congestion and other related costs (OECD Territorial Reviews: Competitive Cities in the Global Economy, Paris 2006).

London currently has a population of 8 million, which is 500,000 below its peak in 1939, so is already above this range. So, should we really be planning to let London grow to an estimated population of 8.89 million by 2031?

I am not an advocate of neglecting London in the hope that other parts of the UK will automatically grow instead, and I do strongly believe that other cities in the UK need to grow and improve their economies, but I think we have to start asking whether London can grow without check and without actually destroying the things which makes London successful.

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