Tactical Urbanism (or what plants and pop-ups can do).

I thought I would just share a couple of things which I saw at the weekend.

The first is a nice bit of planting in a urban setting. Nothing large scale or complicated but something which makes a windswept space look a little bit nicer. It is also good to see that the local council has allowed a plant stall to pop-up on a Saturday to bring a bit more life to a typical urban space. It wasn’t anything complicated but it sure was popular. Image

The second bit of tactical urbanism is a small left over space which has been used for a bit of wildflower planting. Again, nothing large scale or complicated but this sort of thing makes a difference and should be repeated in more places. Image

It would also be nice to see this on a larger scale, especially on sites which have been stalled because of the recession.  I have a very interesting idea for a temporary use of a large site – but I am not giving that one away for free.

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