Do you really know how to manage and appraise your staff?

I keep hearing that many businesses are scared of taking on new employees because of fears the owners or senior management have about employment law and what they see as the complications of generally dealing with staff and not falling foul of employment rights and laws.

From conversations I have had it seems that much of this fear is based on the worries connected with how to deal with staff who can’t or don’t perform.

This really shouldn’t be a concern if firms have proper procedures for managing employee performance, but I know from my own experience that most organisations which have performance and appraisal systems in place haven’t trained their managers in how to appraise staff properly, and this leads to most appraisal systems being ineffective, with many staff approaching the regular performance review with a degree of suspicion and negatively and generally being defensive.

With this in mind I have booked a client onto a free seminar on ‘How to Manage and Appraise Employee Performance’ which is coming up in early February in Dartford.

If you are based in Kent or South East London and manage staff contact the organiser to book a free place. There are still places available and this is stuff you really ought to know about. See below for details.

Appraisal Event

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