Town Centres and High Streets – am I expecting too much?

I thought I would post a few examples of town centre interventions which I have seen recently which have made me think:  ‘Is this the best that ‘we’ can do?’.

This is really rhetorical, as what I am really thinking is ‘For god sake do something better than this’.

Take this example: The Council has put up a Christmas tree – but do we really need the crash barriers around it – and if we do why can’t we have something which looks nicer and less of an after-thought.


And these ‘fair-ground’ rides (part of a town’s Christmas events): the same issue – if we do need barriers to the sake of safety, why hasn’t more thought been put into what they look like, and the impression they give.


Is it me? Are my standards too high and am I expecting too much?

To me these examples show that, although some effort has been made to improve a town centre, little real effort or heart has been put into the implementation, and to me it gives the impression of just going through the motions.

I am not an artist, nor a designer, but surely we should be expecting more than this.

Am I wrong? Are my standards too high and am I being too fussy?

If so please tell me.




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2 Responses to Town Centres and High Streets – am I expecting too much?

  1. Alan Brown says:

    Couldn’t agree more it is clear that the Health and Safety Police have had a hand in this!
    Be good if all Council employees could pull in the same direction and stop to think about the primary role and function of a town centre. Sometimes it must be very difficult for Town Centre Managers / Town Teams when their efforts to revitalise increase footfall / enjoyment are constantly thwarted usually by the Highways Dept.

    • stevenboxall says:

      Alan, you are more charitable than me. I don’t think the way in which these examples have been implemented have much to do with ‘Health and Safety’. I can well understabd that someone may say that a barrier is required but I don’t believe that they specify that it must be an eyesore and look slapdash.

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