Do some High Streets Lack Ambition? (part 2)

Getting into the London 2012 Olympic spirit this town centre decided to have a pop-up park and put on some entertainment, as this poster shows:


This is what these ambitions translated to in practice:


And this is the -big-screen’ television and pop-up picnic park at 7.30 pm on ‘Super Saturday’ when the athletics began in the Olympic Stadium:


And if you think I am being unfair, as the screen and pop-up picnic area was never intended to be available in the summer evenings during the Olympics, this is what it looks like during the day:


Perhaps my standards are too high, but I think this is a pretty poor effort and cannot see how it has made this high street look anymore attractive, nor attracted any increase in footfall.

Lack of money can’t be used an excuse as this town centre is a BID, so has an income stream.

It does seem to me that some town centres are lacking real ambition and seem to be going through the motions, rather than showing any real imagination and understanding of what they have to do if they are to compete with out of town centres and other town centres. I really cannot understand how the businesses who have contributed to the BID funds think this is the standard to which we should be aiming.

Perhaps it is me, and I am being over critical, so I would be interested to hear what you think.

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