Do some High Streets lack ambition?

I want to share this photo’ with you. It is a High Street’s attempt to get into the Olympic spirit and to provide a space to sit down and watch the sport on television whilst out in the town centre.

So far, so good, but I am afraid that I think it fails in the implementation mainly due to, I feel, lack of detailed management. It strikes me as half-hearted, and the high street equivalent of putting the kids in front of the tele’ because you can’t think what else to do with them. Perhaps my standards are too high but I think that a place which has funds from it being a Business Improvement District really ought to do better than this.

As a post script, a few minutes after I took this photo’ those in charge of packing up for the evening (shouldn’t it have gone on into the evening anyway?) just up-ended the wooden picnic tables, scattering the remains of a families discarded fast-food meal onto the pavement – and just left it there as it if was nothing to do with them.Image

I am glad I am not involved with this town centre – I would be so ashamed.

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