It is time we really thought about people

Before I sit down to read the Government’s response to The Portas Review of High Streets, I wanted to set down in writing something very important which Mary Portas said last night in her TV programme about making knickers in the UK where she took on people who were previously unemployed.

“We’ve thought about what we are doing to animals. We’ve thought about what we are doing to food and the environment. We need to think about what we are doing to people!

Well said Mary – I totally agree with you.

In my world of regeneration and sustainable development it is amazing how many of the specialists don’t seem to think about, or even care about, people and what their proposals do to people. This is where I come in, making sure that places work for people and all the specialists work together as part of a system.

And well-said Tim Smit for saying before last week’s Budget that many economists and politicians are forgetting (or not careing about) the affect that their policies are having on people.

Economics is, or should be, about more than figures on a spreadsheet.

Economics should be about people.

Economics should be used for the benefit of people.





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