BIM – Building Information Modelling

I keep reading about the Government’s intention of making the use of Building Information Modelling systems obligatory on public sector contracts over a certain size.

I know that some (possibly many) people sing its praises but I think that before we go, all guns blazing, into BIM, how about getting some of the basics right first, like:  Public Sector Client’s working to proper business and project management principles; putting proper resources into pre-feasibility studies and pre-contract planning; more certainty over availability and release of funds; proper and empowered project champions; having asset registers (yes – many public sector clients don’t know what they own)…….Having ‘black boxes’ doesn’t ensure success: real understanding, power and responsibility gives you a fighting chance.

Just think of methodologies such as PRINCE2, and how many projects fail to meet their objectives despite using such a tool.

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2 Responses to BIM – Building Information Modelling

  1. PM Hut says:

    Hi Steven,

    I have never heard about BIM before, is that a new PM methodology/framework?

    • stevenboxall says:

      It is a way of manageing all of the design information (and I suppose linking this with project management, and later building ownership and management), in one place so all have access, updates are available immediately to all and the impact of proposed changes are easily seen. It is more complicated than this – if you Google BIM you will find much better descriptions than I can give here.

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